Phoenix Wright: Remnants of the Past

hoenix Wright: Remnants of the Past

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney is a video game series developed by CAPCOM that originated on the Game Boy Advance in Japan (as Gyakuten Saiban) and was eventually ported and upgraded onto the Nintendo DS. The plot revolves around rookie defense attorney Phoenix Wright and his fight to discover the truth behind some of the strangest crimes ever. For a better look at how the gameplay runs, be sure to check out the corresponding article here.

Phoenix Wright: Remnants of the Past is my own personal fangame in production that plans to fit directly into the original saga. It will run on the AIGE (Anime Image Game Engine) library known as PWLib (Phoenix Wright Library). The program will be included with the final download and is confirmed to run on Windows operating systems at the moment (still waiting on confirmation for Macs). Many thanks to Ceres of for the excellent boxart.

Unlike the original series however, there are plans to include voice acting (which can be turned on or off), and will add in a new roster of characters into the original cast. On top of that, fans of the original series will see gameplay features like Psyche-Locks, Investigations, Cross-Examinations, and others that will become apparent when you play the game. Below is the first promotional trailer for the game, and there are plans to hopefully develop a second that includes gameplay clips and voices. Full credit for the production of the trailer goes to immo-love.

Plot and Case Summaries

After his many years of working as a defender of the people, legendary attorney Phoenix Wright is one day forced to leave behind his legacy when a tragic event unfolds. Years later, and with a new up and coming attorney named Apollo Justice building a great reputation for himself under his new office, Phoenix decides to finally move on and leave his lawyer days entirely behind him. However, before doing so, Phoenix wishes to look over his past cases one last time using a piece of archiving technology known as the MASON System. Unfortunately for Phoenix, something or someone has other plans for him…

Turnabout of the Past

Phoenix Wright decides to give up his lawyer days once and for all, but seeks out the MASON System to relive his past cases one last time. It all goes wrong when a sudden malfunction sends him back to the past, where an old friend immediately calls him for legal assistance.

Turnabout Twilight

A skilled thief is about to make the heist of the century when her younger sister is taken hostage. In another location, a local defense attorney is found murdered in the Wright and Co. Offices, and Maya Fey has been arrested for the crime. With a valuable theft to prevent, a lost sister to find and a killer to catch, will good prevail over evil? 

Turnabout, Center Stage

While Phoenix and Maya are attending a rare performance from Japanese pop idols Jupiter and Saturn, an artist who also attended the concert is mysteriously poisoned and his silent daughter is charged for the murder. The circumstances of the murder claim that young Vera Misham was the only one who could have committed the terrible deed, but she is only 12 years of age! Could she truly be the killer, and what of the dark past shrouding the formerly partnered idols?

A Turnabout in Flames

The wife of a foreign land’s king is murdered, and the unknown assailant is believed to have escaped into a neighbouring land- away from the death penalty that awaits them. To make matters worse, the king’s only daughter has run from the monarchy at an early age after a tragic event and is indirectly threatened by a mysterious source. As the monarchs from the “Kingdom of Sangreal” slowly make their way into the country to search for the escaped killer, a young and famous writer suddenly dies in a blazing car accident. Young Ema Skye and her scientific bag of experimental chemicals are quite suspect, and she is quickly put behind bars for supposedly causing the car to crash and explode into a deadly blaze. It seems like the monarchs will find more than they bargained for in their visit…

Remnants of the Past

Horror and grief strikes as a string of deadly murders play out at the same time in different locations. Before the crimes can even be looked into, Phoenix is unexpectedly pulled back to present day, realizing what the mysterious voice in the MASON System crash was talking about. He must now make the decision of his life- let the criminal escape, or let his cherished ones perish one by one? It’s the final courtroom showdown, and the ultimate loss awaits you if you fail. Are you prepared?

Progress and Credit

At the moment, the project has gone through quite a bit of planning and recruitment, but it has also met with many hurdles and walls. Combine a broken laptop, time restraints, an unforeseen and universally unwanted separation from the production team, and a broken script file upon file retrieval, and you’ve got a good idea of why this game’s production has been sent back up to several years. With that said, the engine (developed by KSA_Tech) has been upgraded, and the project is now being developed on a brand new computer. A new team is being formulated from programmers, artists, music composers, video producers and even voice actors, and at the moment, the priority is to release the entire first case as a playable demo.

Newest Update (March 28, 2014)

The page has been updated with the fully illustrated male characters! It is now confirmed that initial sketching on the poster has commenced, after some careful deliberation of just how we’d fit and pose the ridiculous number of characters into such a piece. More information coming as it is completed!

* No matter how little you hear about production/progression, please do understand that I have absolutely no intention of ever dropping it. Our biggest problem is that it’s near impossible for people to just jump onto a free game and use up their precious time on something that’s entirely unpaid. As such, we have to constantly search for new people and compensate for those who have to take sudden leaves. Commissions are considered here and there, but since it flies out of my own pocket, it’s very difficult to get around to that. Progress is always being made in some way, so the only thing I can ask is that you continue to look forward to the release, and to continue to support it as you have. Many thanks to everyone for your patience and unwavering support.


papermario13689 – Main programmer.
DDRKhat – Main programmer.


sikiie – Character sketches, title cards and poster. (Current)

Track Composers

Calum Bowen – Soundtrack production. (Composer of “Prologue” and “Abracadabra!”)
Ryan Ike - Soundtrack production. (Current)
Jacob PernellSoundtrack production. (Current)

Video Producers

immo-love – First trailer production.

Voice Actors (Mostly From The Voice Acting Alliance)

KampfVerein – Phoenix Wright
GoldenrodGirl - Maya Fey
Volty - Dick Gumshoe
New Iron – Richard Wellington
mizura - Franziska von Karma, Pearl Fey
Edwyn – Winston Payne
AderuMoro – Dahlia Hawthorne
Cettoto - Apollo Justice
Rina-chan - Trucy Wright
pickle131 - Cassandra Orion Pea
Jilly Bean – Vera Misham
Miku-tan - Risa Saturn

=More Coming!=

New Characters and Artwork


She was once a thief, but that quickly changed one day in an event that would separate her from her precious sister Jade. The events that followed led her to be employed at Lordly Tailor as a guard under close watch, but her sister is still missing and she’ll stop at nothing to get her back.

Helen Ritz

An incident from her past had caused her so much trauma that she developed an intense case of amnesia. Separated by her family as a result, she grew up with the want to write her troubled emotions onto works of literature which eventually bore fruit. While her real name is unknown to everyone, she speaks to the populous as “Helen Ritz”, the silent but beautiful novelist.

Alice Jupiter

In the past, she was the bright and bubbly personality of the Japanese pop duo “COSMOS”, but after a tragic event befell the pair, they were forced to continue their careers in separate directions. Nevertheless, Alice still keeps her cute persona that holds strong interests in fashion and colourful sweets, but not much else is known about her.

Cassandra Orion Pea

A student in all things astronomy, “Cassiopeia” shows great fascination of stars and things that lie beyond our world. She always carries around a miniature telescope slung around her shoulder, but is surprisingly rarely found outside of her personal observatory.

Mei & Yoko Nakago

Fraternal Japanese twins who were named after the anatomy of a Japanese blade (Mei being an inscription on the tang, Yokote being a part of the blade that binds, and Nakago being the tang itself). They were given these names for their silent but sharp senses of intelligence despite being very young. They are rarely seen apart from each other, and it is often a sign that they’ve been unintentionally separated.

Risa Saturn

The second part to what used to be “COSMOS”, Risa’s intention wasn’t to further her career but to sing for a father that she had lost. Even after the separation, she still values Alice as a close friend but is never able to see her after she became very popular. Risa herself enjoys sports and video games, but is overall very quiet unless she talks to someone she trusts.

Kyle Duske

A constant pursuer of truth, Kyle is a defense attorney who loves to get his hands dirty in investigating his cases for himself. He is quick to throw his fists up when trouble arises, but a sharp mind and an engraved experience with criminals always keeps him in reasonable control.

Nathan Sonata

Music is his entire life, and not much more is known about his interests. Being Alice’s personal guitar accompaniment, Nathan is almost always spotted with her. The pair seems to be on very friendly terms, despite only having what they call a “professional relationship”.

Alexander D.C. Alfine

Highly ranked but generally feared producer of the idol industry, Alexander is well-known for overworking his staff and exhausting them for personal gain, and his relations to them are almost entirely kept unknown.

King Charles Plexia

The current ruler of the Kingdom of Sangreal, Charles is a king that has suffered a great loss involving his family. To combat those dark times, he had developed a strong interest in deep-thinking strategy games like poker and mahjong, and frivolously studies the psychologies of man. To accentuate this further, he absolutely loves to indulge in said games with ridiculously high stakes behind them.

Prince Edward Plexia 

Over tragic events within the kingdom, Prince Edward was mostly raised by the king’s personal guard and Edward’s trainer, Sir Jonathan Gallia. The prince’s connections with the king are not very tightly wound, but his love for the kingdom always remains.

Sir Jonathan Gallia

An everlastingly loyal knight of the kingdom, Sir Jonathan is the king’s best friend and recreations partner. On top of that, he has always served closely to the other monarchs, personally training Prince Edward in his sparring sessions. When tragedy struck the royal family, he took it upon himself to find the one responsible, or die trying.

79 thoughts on “Phoenix Wright: Remnants of the Past

  1. Good to know that the game is prepared at a reasonable pace because i had been under the impression that it was canceled -.-

    • Yes, I do apologize for the hiatus, but we ran across problems when shut down for over a year, as that’s where my team always met.

      Please continue to look forward to the demo’s release, and thank you for your patience.

  2. Oh, so this fan-project is still under development? I’m glad to hear that!
    The trailer was really intriguing, to tell the truth!
    I hope there won’t be any problems with the making of the game in the future. Keep it up!

    • Thanks for your comment, we hope there’s no further halting in the production either; we actually had hoped there’d be none from the start, you know?

      Thanks for sticking by this, we’ll be working hard to complete it.

  3. I’m happy to see, that the project wasn’t cancelled (since this seems to happen to many great projects T,T). I can’t wait to play the first demo of the game (the trailer was freakin’ awesome, so yeah :D). Since Kristoph is also pictured on the front cover, I’m wondering what his part in the story is (could he be the one that manipulated the MASON system? Hmm…*keeps thinking* >:3).

    • We’re quite glad ourselves, thanks for keeping up with the project. We’ll leave you to think about Kristoph’s appearance in the game, but I’ll say right now: “Don’t cement any ideas into your mind just yet.”.

    • We’re all nearing holidays and exam periods in university, so we’re taking a short needed break. I will say that the demo’s text script is fully written, and it just needs to be individually highlighted and sent off to our voice actors for recording. From there we’ll get to programming and such.

  4. Hi! I just saw this project, and to be honest it interests me quite a lot! Too bad though that you haven’t made a lot of progress since the time it was first announced, but I understand you went through a lot of problems, so… Anyway, I have some questions about it, mostly about the voice acting! You said you recruted some voice actors (I already know Rina Chan, I was truly surprised to see her here). These voice actors, what will they do in fact? Will they only be used (if I can use this word) to scream Objections, Take that, or even Hold it, or will they be used to have the game fully voiced? (A feature that unfortunately wasn’t in the official Ace Attorney games) Because if you plan to make voices for all the texts, seriously, you’re really ambitious!

    And, about the game itself, do you know how we will be able to play it? On computer and with the program that allowed people to play Turnabout Substitution (the program is called PyWright) or on nintendo ds? Also, around how many hours of gameplay would be necessary to finish it? Have you an idea?

    And when do you expect the demo to be available at least? Are you far from releasing the demo?

    Sorry for all these questions, but I am excited by this project, even if I know it will take quite some time! And don’t think I am impatient and will criticize you because you take too much time: I just want to know more or less your actual progress, but it will be fine even if you’re not far! I know how to be patient and to respect people’s projects!

    • Many hellos,

      Don’t worry about too many questions; hopefully I can answer all of them adequately for you.

      1. We’re still recruiting more, but on top of Rina-chan we’ve also recruited Miku-tan and have pitched the idea to Egoraptor. I will tell you right now that the plan to have full voice acting, but allow players to play between a mode with or without voice acting (for those classic-style fans).

      2. I was around on forums when Turnabout Substitution was released, and I’ll say that while PyWright is a fantastic program, we’re using PWLib for a more accurate representation of the real games. Everything needed to play on PC will be included in the download.

      3. As for how many hours gameplay-wise you’re looking at, I’d assume anything between 20-50 hours, depending on the pace you progress at. It will be 5 cases long, and even Case 1 has a bit of depth to it.

      4. Unfortunately, we can’t accurately answer questions regarding when the demo will be released, despite how many we get. It’s a matter of people’s schedules, and since most of us are in university and/or working jobs, there is no way we can ask them to help out while they’re engaged in their personal lives. We’re a good ways in for the demo, with the text script fully written and almost prepared to send out to the voice actors. Once the clips are sent back to us, we can go all out on the programming.

      Thanks for your questions!

  5. And you, thank you for your answers! I see, it explains quite a lot! The idea to have this game fully voiced for all text won’t please to all people of course, but I think it’s a great addition, and a thing that the official game lacks. Of course, it is a very hard task with all the text…

    I like the idea of so much time to finish the game! I tend to examine nearly all things I can in the game so that I can enjoy the game much more, by finding some jokes when you examine things for example, so I’m pretty sure it will take quite a lot of time to finish it! Ha ha!

    Hum, PWlib huh? I don’t know this program at all, but if you think it’s better, then it’s good! I wonder how it will look like, if it can be closer to Phoenix Wright universe like you say, it’s really good! And if it can avoid quite some bugs like I had in Turnabout Substitution, it would be good too! (But I suppose the bugs were mostly a problem of coding)

    I will visit this site regularly to see the evolution, even if I suppose there maybe won’t be as much updates as my visits!

  6. This seems like a truly amazing project you guys are working on. From what I gather it seems very thorough and well thought out, and hopefully it stays true to the legacy of the past games. However, from what I’ve read, there are multiple things that contradict the series story. Could you perhaps explain them to me? Or are they caused in part by the malfunction of the MASON system?

    Furthermore, I would like to take part in this project. If there is anything that I can contribute to the effort, then let me know and I will jump to it in a heartbeat.

    Google yugijak and you will be able to find me no problem.

    I like how you will be including voice acting for the game, this will definitely add some interesting twists to how people perceived the characters.

    Um, after this project is over, could I maybe pitch one that I’ve been really wanting to do? It’s similar to Phoenix Wright, so it should be a fun idea, but there will be key differences that might produce difficulties. I just want to know if you’re interested.

    There’s a journal on it on my deviantArt account (name: yugijak) and the project is called Guilty!, so let me know what you think of it, well, if you even want to look at it.

    Back to the project. If there are any issues or tough spots you are on, let me know and I can take a look at them from my perspective. Perhaps I can provide an alternative solution that could fix the problem.

    Well, I’m done talking, please keep in touch!

    Yugijak out

    • Thanks for the comment, Yugijak. I regret to inform you that the project is once again on a temporary hiatus because I’m dealing with a new illness I’ve never experienced before. Rest assured that on my better days work gets done.

      If you have contradictions, please be sure to point them out. However, recall that this won’t be running in the same world line as the original games, just the same time period. It’s an altered, malfunctioned version of that world, which is why you see Richard Wellington walking about and the such.

      Contribution is greatly appreciated, and it will depend on your abilities if we can accept it or not. If you have demos to things you’ve done, please send them along in the contact page on this blog so we can evaluate.

      Finally, while your project pitch is very interesting, Remnants of the Past has been the most strenuous project I’ve ever dealt with in conjunction with school, work and hurdles. I am sticking to my promise to finish this game, and then I doubt I will ever want to take on something this big without a full-blown production team with a proper budget. I do apologize and wish you luck with your project.

  7. Hmm…. I just read the update. While I easily understand that you were ill, it was after all in one of your posts, it’s a little too bad that the project is delayed. But, seriously, what good thing can happen if you’re working on the project while you’re completely ill? Of course, if you do this, the project will make progress, but there’s probably one point when you won’t be able to do anything anymore and you can also expect your health to become really problematic… So, continue like you do, work on it keeping your health as your first priority. All people that are following this project need to be patient and be comprehensive towards your state.

    • Yes, at the time of writing those little updates I was trying my best to keep the schedule going, but I’ve been getting worse as of late. I need to spend whatever energy I can to ensure schooling doesn’t fall apart and that I don’t come down with anything worse. Luckily, writing in and maintaining the blog contribute to my curriculum of design at school, so you will likely see updates here still.

      The project I will get back to once I can determine what the heck this illness is. Sorry again.

  8. I love what you guys are doing, and I wish you the best of luck for the project and your health. I understand all of the delays you get, and I really wish I could help with the project, which I can’t unless you need an annoying voice for a teenager! Seriously, good luck.

    • Thank you for your comment, and thanks for the well-wishing. I’m on a 4-6 week Citalopram prescription to see if that’ll help me out, so we’ll have to see.

      Your well-wishing is plenty help, if you can believe it! If you are able, just spread the word that the project may appear dead, but it’s not. The more people can understand the situation and development hardships, the easier it gets for us, the production team.

      Thanks again!

    • I’ve been appointed a neurologist to check on my symptoms and I finally moved on from my life of simple fast food jobs. I’m actually hoping to make this one of my personal projects at school, since so many art-dominant students occupy it.

  9. I probably should have watched the trailer but I have a bad habit of skimming through things and judging them unfairly. The thing is, I saw a load of cute girls. As I noticed the cute of these girls I had horrible flash backs of my adventures in visual novels. Boy did I grow sick. I hate VN, but that is a contradiction considering the text biased nature of the Phoenix Wright games. But, Honestly, I don’t consider the PW games all that related to them.

    I thought about it some more, like a fool I still was to lazy to actually read or watch a 10 sec trailer and came to another conclusion, this_the writing is fanfiction. Most likely. As my biased, unfounded, evil, and rude idea’s have grown in my mind in cohorts with the few moments I pondered this game I came to yet another conclusion, I wont be playing.

    Why? I don’t know. Just a feeling, call it instinct. Unfounded and ignorant instinct. Im sure others will be thrilled with this so work hard.

    Why bother to comment? Bored out of my mind that’s why. Which is another contradiction, because if I am crazy bored I should be thrilled with the arrival of your game. But my nasty instincts say it will be better to be bored.

    • Sorry to hear about your negative experiences with visual novels- there’s a whole heap of pretty captivating ones if you look past the generic ones. Try the ones made by Nitro+ like Chaos;Head and Steins;Gate- legitimately creepy and fun, but they’re all interactive stories in the end.

      Either way, this will definitely have more interactivity than a VN, but ultimately you’re correct about the fact that it’s fanmade. Take what you will of that, I suppose. :3

  10. Hi, i just found out about this site yesterday, and i wondered for how long have you been working at this project?
    I really enjoy the phoenix wright series, can’t wait for your game to come out o.o. I hope you get well soon! Good luck! I will wait patiently :3, better to not rush things :D. Maaan can’t wait XD

    Also good luck with your uni work too :3
    That’s all, Court is adjourned :3

    • Well then, let me be the first to welcome you! :3

      This project started several years ago, believe it or not. The concept was produced, and a small team started to form. From there it’s been roadblock after roadblock, so as a freebase production, it’ll stay at a level supported by only those with enough free time.

      Thank you for your interest in the project- it might take a long time, but hopefully the end product will meet your expectations!

      • Thank you!

        I hope so too ^^, phoenix wright 5 is coming out too , so lots of fun pw games coming :3
        don’t forget to relax too ^^. Do you think you might be able to finish the game or demo this year? I know you are also depending on the others to do their part. Don’t feel pressured by this question please, that’s not my intention xD. I just can’t wait XDDD. i played the whole series 2x o.o. gahh
        Good luck again o.o !!

  11. Just a quick question, have you ever considered doing a Kickstarter for this project? As a huge Phoenix Wright fan who has been more than impressed simply by the trailer, I’m willing to donate and I have to believe that others would as well.

    • That is certainly a thought that went through my head, but it is not something I would so easily implement.

      A Kickstarter technically means asking others for funding for a project that is essentially a fangame. Ergo, it’s receiving money for something that is a branch of what’s licensed by Capcom, even though none of it will be what is considered “profit”.

      There is also the touchy case of benefits that come with that Kickstarter campaign. This really is just a fangame at the end of the day- made by fans for the fans, free of charge. As such, the donations made b people would likely pool back into creating donation tier rewards, as the project in itself really doesn’t have much to give back aside from a finished product.

      The best “donation” in my eyes would be a serviced/certified person of a talent (design, music, writing, etc.) to come on board for little to no charge. Hiring one of said people is actually frighteningly expensive, and it would probably take more than a handful of donations can sum up.

      So many thanks for your suggestion, but I’m afraid that’s not really an option I can take. I am constantly on the lookout for more ideas to spring life back into this project at full speed, so hopefully I can find some interested people once more to fill some gaps that have formed.

    • Translations are definitely a forethought, as we wish to get an English version out first for the people who have been so patient with this complicated project. Once that tides over, we’d definitely love to transpose to as many languages as we possibly can.

  12. I’m super hyped for this game and I can’t wait for this game. I really hope you will be able to eventually complete it.

  13. Oh, it’s still going! I’m really really excited about this, so I’m glad to hear it (hopefully) won’t be stuck in production hell, haha. Is production actually occuring, though? Or are you more sourcing for people to help, to rebuild your production crew? I find the cover interesting, since Kristoph and Franziska are on it as two of the mains! Will Klavier be in it? I would volunteer for music production, but I can see you already have a talented composer for this.

    Ganbatte! As I’m sure you know, you still have a lot of fans out there. All the best.

    • Yup, still in production, but also yes, more in a reforming team status. The intent was to use the key favourite characters of Ace Attorney, so yes, Klavier will make an appearance in the final case.

      What are your qualifications in music production? If you are able to help us bring the planned soundtrack to life, please let us know. Our music producer is entirely packed with paid work, so after the next track, we’ll be looking for a replacement regardless.

      Thanks for your comment, much appreciated!

      • I’m strictly amateur (to spin it, I guess that means I wouldn’t be busy with other work?), just taken formal classes in music composition. As soon as I get my laptop from the repair shop, I can make a soundcloud and show you some of my compositions.

    • Thank you very much for the link. While your work is quite nice and we very much appreciate your offer to produce for the soundtrack, the planned tracks are quite a bit more detailed than the previews on your page.

      Since we have a decently high standard for the music portion of production, we’d like to stay there when we find somebody. If you’d like a sample sent to you so you can have a better grasp of the levels of quality and tone we’re hoping for, please let me know and I’ll send something along. If you are capable of produce tracks at that standard, we’d love to have you.

      Again, thank you!

  14. Wouaouh! I follow this project for some months and I see that it progress a lot! Maybe I can help you for the drawings. I will work a little on this style but I don’t promise a beautiful result. I’m just 13 years old. Good luck for this project!
    (Don’t be very strict on my english I just study English at school)

    • Hi there, thank you for your support! Do you maybe have an archive of your works (deviantART, Behance, Prosite, Facebook, etc.)? If you are qualified for the artwork, we would definitely love your assistance!

      Thanks again!

  15. hum… no sorry I haven’t got any deviantART Behance, Prosite or Facebook but I can scan and send some of my works by email ^^. At the moment I train to copy Phoenix Wright’s mains characters. I just have one question: What concretely can I do to help you on the design?

    • A scan to email would be fine, yes. What we would need at the moment from the art designer is to finish the drawings left by our previous artist (solidify lines, add colour), and closely follow that art style to develop the remaining artworks. From this point we will need at least a promotional poster/wallpaper piece that combines all of the characters, a few pieces for the soundtrack art, and art for the case selection screen. There may be others, but those are the key pieces at the moment.

      Other details can come later for sure, but we’d love to see some of your work so we can assess if your style fits what we’re needing. Please send us some scans to if you can! ^,^

      Thank you again. ;)

    • Monday is perfectly fine, yes. Just as a pre-estimate, did you have a look at the currently completed art on the details page? That’s probably around the level of detail we’re looking for.

    • Not quite, but we’d like something that follows a similar style to our previous artist’s works for consistency. If you look at our projects page under Phoenix Wright: Remnants of the Past, it features completed works you could use as examples.

  16. Ok! I’m copying one of these drawings.( sorry I’m really too much curious) But characters on the project page are they all new characters who will appear in Phoenix Wright: Remnants of the Past?

    • No problem, questions just show you’re genuinely interested. ;)

      These are indeed new characters to appear in the game. While they will be focused on in individual cases, we will not attempt implementing them into the official canon of the games. As such, the major focus will stay on the main existing characters.

      As Ace Attorney 5 is set to come out this year, we have absolutely no problems allowing CAPCOM’s Ace Attorney team to further the story in the right path.

  17. Good morning, I’m a Lilianechou’s friend. She wanted to say you She couldn’t send the drawings because She hasn’t got any connection to the Internet for the moment. So She wants to excuse her for this inconvenience . She will send it this month.Thank you!

  18. Hi paper mario! I can’t help but notice that this project is awesome :) Do you need any help in programming? If you do, then feel free to contact me.. If not then I’ll just enjoy waiting until this game is released !

  19. this looks amazing!! i can’t wait for this to come out!! I’m currently helping with the translation of miles edgeworth investigations translation. Check ours out too!!

    • Good article, appreciate it. We have already been following closely to a lot of these, but there’s a couple things here to consider.

      Recruitment problems actually don’t lie too heavily on art, but in areas that are just near impossible to recruit for without a fee, like music production. Luckily, we’re about to get someone talented on board once their schedule clears up.

  20. Hey!! I just discovered this and is awsome!
    So… how are you doing? Are you OK? And is the project on hold?
    I´m just sorry I can´t help……. I mean, seriously. If you had a *ahem* kid in the series I would take it.
    ´Cause people will now think: ”WTF is an 12 year old kidd-o here!?”
    I hope you can reply!

  21. I’m so excited for this game!!
    After discovering it on GyakutenWiki (which has unfortunately disappeared), I thought I’d never see it again, then discovered a link on a Hyouka forum accidentally! (And I’m sure it’s this one because of the storyline, the papermario username, and the trailer which I had watched a million times a couple of years ago.) Please, keep up the good work, but no rush!!

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